View Full Version : Anomaly on new pay protection of GRADE PAY

09-11-2009, 07:57 PM
We had taken intercharge transfer on reversion of post from STA post to TA post and pay had been protected vide order issued by the DOPT during February, 2006.

But now due to the implementation of the grade pay system only the pay in the pay band is protected and not the grade pay. (The grade pay for the above cadres are Rs. 4200/- and 2400/- respectively) vide DOPT order of 21st October 2009.

The new basic pay has been defined as pay in the pay band plus the grade pay applicable. But without protecting the grade pay how the pay protection is given fully. Due to above around Rs. 3000 is lost on the above difference and allowances and it is increasing by Rs. 100 every 6 months due to DA increase.

We all taken transfer around 2008 without knowing all the problem of non protection of grade pay and even though career is lost due to reversion our solace that our pay will be protected. Lot of persons are being affected due to the above. (in our dept. itself more than 30) The above points to clear anomaly. What rememdy is suggested by expert viewers?

Senthil Kumar M, Tax Assistant, Income Tax Department