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23-10-2009, 10:34 AM
Dear Members,

I need clarification on the following issue.(plz. quote if any notification/circular u know on support of ur reply) thanks.

I was transferred (public interest) from Ahmedabad to Visakhapatnam

Date -- Event
09-04-2009 -- Transfer order issued
13-04-2009 -- Applied for Advance (TA/composite grant etc)
17-04-2009 -- Receipt of advance money / Relieved @ old HQ
18-04-2009 -- Date of Travel
20-04-2009 -- Reported to Duty @ New HQ
24-06-2009 -- Put up TA claim for settlement
aug/sep 09 -- TA claim settled by appropriate authority

- So far, My Pay in PB was 22280, GP 6600

Later I received my promotional order(July 2009), clearly indicating that the promotion is effective from 01-08-2009 (though Technical Review held on later date)

Dt. of issue -- Related to...
07-07-2009 -- Notification of promotion (to officers promoted)
09-09-2009 -- Pay fixation due to the promotion
with clear indication on the date it takes effect from
(i.e. PB - 23140 & GP 7600 with effect from 01-08-2008)

Though on the date of transfer/travel/relief/joining etc., the pay was old, as the promotion effective from 01-08-2008, I believe I am eligible for 'transfer grand ie one month PB+GP' as the revised one due to the promotion.

In other words..
I recd. 'transfer grand (one month Pay)' = 22280 + GP 6600..
I feel I am eligible for transfer grant = 23140 & GP 7600, by virtue of promotion

Am I right? Please clarify.

Thanks ..
Madhavan S
4:30 PM,
22nd Oct 2009.

23-10-2009, 11:02 AM
Dear Friend

The composite transfer grant equal to one month pay + GP will be granted based on the the actual pay drawn on the date of transfer. As per SR 19 if a Government in transit from one post to another will rank in the grade to which the lower of the two posts would entitle him. In your case the promotion was after reporting for duty at the new station.

You have stated that your pay has been fixed from 1-8-2008 whereas your promotion was in July 2009. It is not clear how the pay was fixed in the year 2008 for the promtion in 2009.

23-10-2009, 02:18 PM
Dear Friend

You have stated that your pay has been fixed from 1-8-2008 whereas your promotion was in July 2009. It is not clear how the pay was fixed in the year 2008 for the promtion in 2009.

Dear Sir,

Thanks for your response. Clarification for your Question.. & sorry I didn't make it clear in my original post.

As on 31st July 2008, I completed required number of years of service in one particular grade & become eligible for next higher grade. But, due to administrative reasons, I got my promotional review on 13th Oct 2008, whose results (ie approval of promotion & other administrative formalities) was announced much later ie in the month of July 2009. Hence Pay fixation was intimated to me by 9th sep 2009. It was clearly mentioned my promotion was effective from 1st Aug 2008 and hence new pay was fixed effective from 1st aug 2008.

The only issue was I got this order very much delayed.. Infact as on today (ie 23rd Oct 2009), I am yet to receive New pay & their arrears. (ie my Sep Salary was based on my old grade). I will get the new pay from the month of Oct 2009 (I recd. pay slip) & Arrears (pay difference from 1st Aut 08 to 30th sep 09 will be recd. soon).

Hope the issue is clear to you now.

Madhavan S
14:00 hrs.
23 Ot 2009

23-10-2009, 03:51 PM
Dear Shri Madhavan,

As per rules T.A. claim already drawn should not be revised consequent on promotion/reversion of pay retrospectively except when there has been actual change of duties. However, if the claim is presented after the issue of orders of promotion/increased rate of pay retrospectively, the same may be allowed with reference to the new pay.

In the case of an official whose pay is yet to be fixed there is no objection to his submitting the claim after the pay fixation. The Head of the Department may relax the provisions of SR 194 A, if due to this reason the claim becomes one year old. If the claim is preferred before fixation of pay, the same will be allowed on the basis of pre-revised pay drawn and there is no provision for submission of supplimentary claim.

Since you have already preferred the claim and the same has been settled you may not get the Transfer Grant based on the revised pay.


23-10-2009, 04:28 PM
Dear Sir,

Thanks for your response. I understood your point.
But, I wanted to be honest & since I have drawn the advance, I preferred to settled the claim with in some reasonable time(rather to the earliest possible). I was aware of such and such order(promotional) would come up in 2-3 months, had I waited. Also, I wrote a separate note along with my claim saying that
'... I have been promoted from SO/D to SO/E w.e.from 1st August 2008, vide order ************ dt. 13th April 2009. However, till date my pay has not been fixed in the promoted grade. I request you to kindly process my transfer TA claim as per the entitlements of my present grade, SO/E.

TA claim form duly filled in along with appropriate documents(air travel tickets/boarding passes/invoice/receipt, etc.) attached herewith. ... '

I was not aware that they would relax the duration for putting up my final claim (TA bill).

Thanks once again
S Madhavan
16:20 Hrs.
23rd Oct 2009.