View Full Version : denial of notional increment on account of regular promotion after 1.1.06

16-10-2009, 04:02 PM
Dear sirs,

I got two promotions after 1.1.2006. One as Grade I on 8/2006 and another as PS on 4/2009. Now the Accounts are telling that I will not get the promotional increment, since both the posts are in the same grade pay. Is that right. I have also noticed that clarifications were issued for fixation on account of promotion. In that I could see that FR22(1)(a)(1) is still holds good. pl. clarify whether one will get promotional increment or not. Now at the event of disbursement of 60% arrears, accounts people are going to cut my pay benefits of one increment sanctioned w.e.f.8/2006. Before 2006, i got my promotion on 2002 december. Now they are saying that I will get MaCP on 2012 and after 2006 there will be no regular promotions. According to me this is totally a big fool. MACP means to give financial upgradations to those people, for whom didn't get regular promotions, in order to boost their career development. If this is so, whether regular promotees have to suffer a lot, where posts were vacant for a long time, and one get regular promotion on becoming eligibility service ? pl. clarify. I think, people are clubing this MACP with regular promotions and interpeting things accordingly. If this is the condition, what I have to do, simply write a representation. After reading different forums, I felt that so many persons are sufferers of this effect. Whether the govt. will issue further clear clarification ? What the anomaly committee’s views on this ? what is ur suggestions in this regard. Reply soon.

17-10-2009, 10:36 PM
Respected Member
As per sixth cpc orders promotional benefit of 3% shall be granted if the promotion is from one grade pay to another grade pay as per Rule 13 of CCS(RP) Rules, 2008. Since Sixth CPC is effective from 01-01-2006, there will be no benefit of increment for promotions earned in the same grade pay.
MACP has given a solace by not counting such promotions within the same grade pay as a promotion. Now the departments concerned should revise the recruitment rules of promotional posts and give different grade pays with the approval of department of expenditure & dopt. I don't find any other solution for your problem.