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18-09-2008, 08:42 PM
PRT,TGT,PGT r upgraded to 6500,7450 and 7500 scales from 4500,5500and 6500 respectively.Then how bunching and step up rule will apply in their pay fixation.Pls clear it taking into account the ENTRY PAYS of these upgraded scales.

21-09-2008, 11:43 PM
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Prt 8560+4200=12760
TGT 9300+4600=13900
PGT 12540+4800=17340

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basic at 01.01.2006 multiply with 1.86 then convert it to multiple of 10 then add GP(PRT 4200,TGT 4600,PGT 4800)

22-09-2008, 06:41 PM
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Prt 8560+4200=12760
TGT 9300+4600=13900
PGT 12540+4800=17340

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basic at 01.01.2006 multiply with 1.86 then convert it to multiple of 10 then add GP(PRT 4200,TGT 4600,PGT 4800)

Dear dpm_bbsr

Teachers are placed in PB-2 , which starts from 9300, hence the basic grade pay cannot be less than the minimum of the grade pay i.e 9300, thus PRT salary cannot be less than 13500(9300+4200)

28-04-2009, 07:20 PM
We had been waiting for the revision of pay for a long time and we felt glad when pay revision report was made. We were a bit happier than other employees, as scales of teachers were upgraded
But when we look at the notification and its implementation, the teacher community was meted out step motherly treatment due to the interpretation of rules only in letter but not in spirit.

As per Rule 8 of revised pay rules, a PRT will get basic pay of 13,500 whereas a TGT and PGT will get 17,140 and 18,150 respectively at the time of their appointment directly. In Navodayas, the pays of the newly recruited teachers is not fixed accordingly. But newly recruited teachers will certainly get the benefit as Director UT-2 MHRD vide letter NO.F3-43/2008/UT-2 dated 20h March 2009 has issued clarifications in consultation with Min. of Finance to KVS.

According to Note 7 under Rule 7 of revised pay rules seniorsí pay will be stepped up to that of junior. But the letter mentioned above clearly stipulated the following conditions:
(a) Stepping up the basic pay of seniors under the above provision can be claimed only in the case of those cadres which have an element of direct recruitment and in cases where a directly recruited junior is actually drawing more basic pay than the seniors. In such cases, the basis pay of the seniors will be stepped up with reference to the basic pay of the junior.
(b) Using the above provision, Government servants cannot claim stepping up their revised basic pay with reference to entry pay in the revised pay structure for direct recruits appointed on or after 1.1.12006 as laid down in Section 11 of Part A of First Schedule to the CCS (RP) Rules, 2008, if their cadre does not have an element of direct recruitment, or in cases ,where no junior is drawing basic pay higherthan them.
(c) Stepping up of pay of the seniors in accordance with the above provision shall not be applicable in cases where direct recruits have been granted advance increments at the time of recruitment.
When you apply the above conditions, the stepping up of pay will not apply to many
cases. I have given a few examples.
1) A PGT who joined in 2002 gets revised at 18010 on 1/01/2006. He may not get the benefit of stepping up on notional basis. As there is no direct recruitment in year 2006, and the first junior is recruited in Feb. 2007 and by that time after taking his annual increment, his pay will stand at 18560 which is higher than 18,150.
2) A TGT who is recruited on 12/02/1997 gets his pay fixed at 17,440 whereas a TGT who is appointed on 1/1/2006 gets his pay fixed at 17140. The value of service for nine years is 300 (less than one increment)!! There is no case of stepping up as it is technically more than that of his junior.
3) A PGT who is recruited on 01.12.1999 gets his pay fixed at 19,500 whereas a PGT who is appointed on 1/1/2006 gets his pay fixed at 18150. The value of service for six years is worth 1350!!
4) A PET who is appointed on 10.26.1988 gets his pay fixed(after getting ACP in 2003) at 19130 which is only 730 more than that of newly recruited PGT!!

All these anomalies are the result of ambiguity in revised pay rules. All the above fixations were done as per the Note 2A under Rule 7 of Central Civil Services (Revised Pay) Rules, 2008. In explanatory memo to the above said rules certain illustrations were made and illustration 4A (which shows the bunching process of stepping up) applies to teachers as our scales were upgraded. The bunching benefit was denied by ministry of finance as no two stages are getting bunched into the same stage due to new system of running pay bands. (Ministry of Finance issued clarifications to that effect). Though all these anomalies may not violate the rules of notification technically, but they violate the spirit of up gradation of scales of teachers.

The same is the case of all the teachers across the departments and ministries. So itís the right time for the teaching community to come together and work against the injustice meted out to our community. We should represent at all levels for the bunching benefit through which all the anomalies can be removed in pay revision.

13-01-2011, 01:02 AM
Also senior teachers are most sufferers as they are not conferred with a c p .They should be switched from senior scale to
a c p with f r 22 1 a 1 benefits from 9 -8-99 .senior scale is financial up gradation with one benefit that is the next higher post scale would be fixed.A C P is with two benefits that is 1 ) the next higher post scale 2) notional increment under
f r 22 1 a 1 . In senior scale we have got one benefit and while switching over to ACP the second benefit should be given.But the authorities rejecting and not implementing ACP at all.All the assn methods for fighting to get the benefits are used.But the anti teachers attitude of the govt and dept is not changed .Will DoPT guide them properly?

13-01-2011, 09:36 AM
In the case of pay fixation of Assistants/PAs of CSS where the pre-revised scale has been upgraded from 6500 to 7450, promotees between 1.1.2006 and 31.8.2008 are getting the benefit of fixation with reference to the fitment table of the higher pre-revised upgraded scale (Refer OM No. 7/7/2008-CS-I(A) dated 22/12/2010 available at http://persmin.nic.in/WriteReadData/CS/Steppingup.pdf).

The teachers should also represent to the higher authorities for similar fixation benefits.