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naresh chandra
20-09-2009, 09:40 PM
Dear Learned Members,
Please clarify the following with regard to the fixation of pay of a TGT Grade II (old scale 6500) in KVS ;

1 Post Held TGT Grade II (Senior Scale) 6500
2 Got Selection Scale (Rs.7500) II ACP in August 2005 but opted for fixation on DNA (I,e, July 2006)
3 Basic Pay on 1.1.2006 Rs. 8100/- (in the scale of 6500)
4 Option given now after VI CPC ; date of awarding Selection Scale Now the Selection scale of TGT (Grade I) is in PB-3 (15600-3900).
5 What should be the fixation of the teacher on 1/1/2006 and whether the teacher will get any benefit of bunching?

Please throw some light in the matter referred.