View Full Version : new query regarding use of RTI--Friends I need advice

07-09-2009, 12:47 PM
Friends and Sr members:
I had tried to seek grievance for my pay fixation matter( incorrect and biased implementation of CCS(RP)Rules08 by my organization) by putting certain queries to my organization under RTI Act.
The PIO and the appellate authority have both refused me the ‘information & documents’.
The latest reply from my appellate authority also says that I am misusing the RTI Act by asking queries related to personal grievance and not serving any ‘larger public interest’.
Friends I need advice from you to argue my case at CIC now ,as to
(1)whether my organization is right about the ‘misuse’ part ? and
(2)how do I justify to the CIC about my case being absolutely eligible to seek help of RTI act for my personal grievance ?

PRD Fernandez
08-09-2009, 08:25 AM
Dear sir
Being my office is a subordinate office under the ministry, regarding the pay fixation, some of my friends approached the ministry through RTI and it was learnt that ministry asked for the clarification from my organization. Though the reply is awaited, to my knowledge, grieved person has the legitimate right to seek clarification and it cannot be denied stating that not serving any larger public interest


Sanjay Gandhi
09-09-2009, 01:27 PM
Dear Friend

You approach the CIC. They will help you and direct your office people for providing the information as requested by you in your application. The reply of your appellate authority and PIO is totally against the Provisions of RTI Act. PIO as well as appellate authority of your organization can be penalised by the CIC on their malafidely hiding the information, if you appeal for penalizing them. Their reply amounts to denial of inforamtion with vested intrest.

You will surely get the inforamtion through CIC & wish you all the best.