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28-08-2009, 12:08 PM
I joined in a Regional Centre of an autonomous body of Department of Information Technology under Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, GOI on 12.12.2005 on 5 years contract in the pre revised scale of pay of Rs. 8000-275-13500 with the basic pay of Rs.8000/-.

On 06.02.2007, I had got an appointment in one of the Technical Educational Institution of national importance under the Ministry of Human Resource Development (also an central autonomous body) in the same pre revised scale of pay, i.e. 8000-275-13500 with basic pay at Rs.8275/-. I submitted technical resignation (I had applied through proper channel) and joined the new organization on 30.05.2007 with the same basic pay of Rs.8275/-(i.e. the pay already drawing in the previous organisation). Subsequently, with my request the present employer has allowed me to draw my increment on 1st December (i.e. the date of increment of my previous employment) and accordingly got the same in December 2007.

Consequent upon the revision of pay as per the recommendation of 6 CPC and approval of the GOI, my previous employer has send my Initial Pay Statement as on 01.01.2006 (fixed at Rs.21000/- as on 01.01.2006 and one increment on 01.07.2006) to the present employer so that my pay is fixed accordingly. But present employer has fixed my pay at the initial of PB-3 with grade pay of Rs.5400/- i.e. Rs.21000/- as on 30.05.2007 without taking into consideration the IPS sent by my previous employer. Because of this I am losing two increments which is clearly an anomaly in my pay. As far as my knowledge is concerned since I was in GOI service as on 01.01.2006 and have come to the present organisation complying all the due formalities in previous organisation, the present employer should protect my pay in revised scale of pay as they had done in pre revised scale.

It has come to my knowledge that since I was in 5 years contract though in graded scale in the previous organization, my pay is not protected by my present employer in revised scale of pay.

Valued opinion on this issue with provision of GOI rules is requested.