View Full Version : Anomaly in pay fixation (Scale S-25 and S-26)

18-09-2008, 02:56 PM
Para 2.2.21 of CPC recommendations states that it has been ensured that a person drawing higher basic pay in any Fifth CPC pay scale is not fitted lower vis-*-vis person drawing a lower basic pay irrespective of the pay scale.

Compare pay scales S-25 and 26 (Memo)

15100-400-18300 (S-25)
Pre-revised basic pay (15900 and 16300); Pay in band (40,890); Grade pay (8700);Revised basic pay (49,590)

16400-450-20000 (S-26)
Pre-revised basic pay (16400); Pay in band (39,690); Grade pay (8900); Revised basic pay (48,590)

Anomaly: An employee in S-26 scale with pre-revised basic of 16400 is fixed at a lower revised basic pay compared to one in S-25 with pre-revised basic pay of 15900 (and 16300). This anomaly continues further in these tables in these two pay scales.

Solution: A higher pay fixation start for S-26 scale.

19-09-2008, 08:14 AM
Not only what u said is correct, there is no uniformity in these tables as far as bunching benefit is concerned. For every TWO stages, benefit of one inc is to be given. Ex: In S-24 pre revised 15500 basic pay has accrued 3 inc (14300-400-18300), revised pay indicates as 38530 fixed (benefit of one increment only). It should be 39690 (with 2 increments benefit) as per ruling: para 7 (A) Provided further that......... Page no 35 of Notification dt 29 Aug'08

27-09-2008, 05:57 PM
There is a conspicuous anomaly of Lower pay fixation for the senior officer with 4 increaments on 1-1-2006 in the scale 16400-450-20000 than the one in previous lower scale with lower B.P. but promoted to the scale 16400-450-20000 on 1-8-2006. In realitity financially the senior looses his 3 years seniority than the junior who is freshly promoted, mainly because the latter gets one notional increament due to promotion that takes care of additional two years of the senior as far as pay fixation is concerned on 1-8-2006. This need to be immediately resolved by giving due increaments for being promoted earlier.

03-10-2008, 03:18 PM
ONe increment for every 2 is correctly made in case of 15500 in 14300 scale. Every 2 refers to the after fixation and not before. When first 6 stages are getting bunching due to high start given in pb-4; First two stages will get the startng basic; 3rd and 4th get one increment and likewise 5th and 6th stage persons will get 2nd increment also. Stage fixed for 15500 is perfectly in order as per OM.

2nd Point: Persons with higher basic getting less fixation as they are in the next scale is an anamoly not addressed wtih a blanket solution. The solution to specific cases is by stepping up procedure for which there must be one official who is junior and getting higher fixed pay. In that case stepping up will be effected from the date the junior got the higher fixed pay and need not be from 1.1.2006