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11-08-2009, 10:46 AM
Dear All,
I am a very new entrant in this forum and a novice in the CCS rules. I have following query which may look to you as trivial but please explain:
1) There are two staff in 8000-275-13500 grade. Staff A got promoted on 1/2/05 to 10000-325-15200 with a basic on application of FR 22 as 10325. Staff B got promotion on 1/8/06. Both of them opted for Pay fixation on 1/1/06.
Staff B was drawing basic 10200 in 8000-275-13500 scale whereas Staff A was drawing 10325 in 10000-325-15200 scale on 1/1/06 so Staff A was fixed at higher pay in higher GP but Staff B on 1/8/06 on application of FR 22 was fixed at higher pay on promotion on 1/8/06.
Is this an anamoly ?
2) Is there a order in view of 6cpc on entitlement of House type?
Hope to get an early response.

11-08-2009, 09:32 PM
what I could understand from your query is that staff B was getting higher pay than staff A before promotion of staff A in 2005, hence this is not an anomaly. As regards, entitlement of house type, order is available on websit. Now Grade Pay is the new parameter for allotment of house.