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07-08-2009, 06:04 AM
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There is a latest Rly Bd's letter (link below) revising the grade pay for the TEACHING STAFF IN RAILWAY SCHOOLS.

For selection grade 7500 - 12000 PB-3 15600-39100 5400

Senior Grade 6500 - 10500 PB-2 9300 -34800 4800

Basic Grade 5500 - 9000 PB-2 9300 - 34800 4600

Interestingly those who have been promoted after 01/01/2006 in these merged scales, there is no benefit at all. Even the promotion pay granted (one increment in the lower grade) has not been taken into account for fixing the pay according to the VI pay commission.

Another aspect is that those who are in the 5000 scale for more than 10 years are grnted grade pay of 4600 grade pay (MACPS) where as the so called seniors (designation wise) are drawing the grade pay of 4200. Can those supervisors who are one grade above the juniors (designation wise) draw lower salary than those who are subordinate to them ?

Will therre be any revision for those scales which have been merged in the VI pay commission in the above scales of 5500 - 8000 & 6500 - 10500 according to the Rly Bd's letter issued.

Link : http://www.indianrailways.gov.in/PC/PC6/PC6-idx.htm

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07-08-2009, 08:44 PM
I am herewith referring my one colleague case for expert opinion,please.
He is Technical Officer over the pay scale of Rs 8000/..in an Autonomous body,under MHRD.In his institution officers in the scale of 8000/-- come under Carrear Advansement Scheme (CAS) of UGC along with teachers.On the basis of this scheme after completion of 10 years service he was placed in the scale of 10000/...on Oct 2007.While new pay fixation on 1.1.06 he was rightly placed in the PB-3 with grade pay 5400/,then latter on Oct 07,the date of his elevation,he was not given benefite of additional increment of 3% his GP was replaced with 6600/,nothing else.Then normal one increment in july 08.I think he should be given benefite of one additional increment of 3%at the time of placement of pay from 8000/.. to 10000/( Under CAS of UGC) in the month of Oct.07.One more thing i want to add his order of pay change just says "you are placed in the scale of 10000/....",nowhere upgradation or promotion word has been used.