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26-07-2009, 06:40 PM
( vii ) House Rent allowance @ 10%, 20% and 30%
The 6PC (also another PC) was not interested to touch this aspect of facility because it was used more by ‘have-nots’ in comparison to the ‘haves’. So that they also did not touch the case of license fee of Govt. quarter(s) because enhancement of license fee will pinch the ‘haves’ more than ‘have-nots’. The increase in fee should be done making it like @10% or more in case to case basis. However, one month license fee may be given to the employee as caretaking fee for whole year and the activities of CPWD should be dispensed with immediate effect for only category of residential accommodation that means that license fee will be deducted only for 11(eleven) months like April to Feb of every year but not in the month of March of every year.. After successful span of one year and scrapping of CPWD, private-public partnership firm can be structured for safe upkeeping of govt. quarters by taking the example of Construction as found in case of Delhi Metro Corporation. The rules/regulation(s) should be amended at once by copying them from DMRC immediately. The HRA should be made @50% instead of slabs of 10,20 and 30 because what fault was there of employee(s) who are serving in small stations. All employee(s) should be encouraged to go on deputation from out of zone/state for 3-5 years with grant of deputation [email protected]% and also to defense forces on Deputation [email protected]% for the deputation period. The Deputation Period should be kept outside from the deduction of HRA along with license fee.
The rates should be made applicable wef 01/01/2006 by fixing specific rates of HRA to all employee(s) as follows: -
(a) up to 5 years of [email protected]%
(b) up to 10 years of service----------- @60%
(c) up to 20 years of service----------- @70%
(d) up to 30 years of service----------- @80%
(e) above 30 years of service ----------- @20%
Note: - After 30 years of service, every responsibility of employee(s) was completed and everybody generally almost settled in every aspect of life till that time.
( ix ) Military service pay for defense Employees
The 6PC (also another PC) calculated the risk of life by the appointment of defense employee as NCO/JCO/CO who opted to serve the country by taking the decision to join Indian Armed Forces. The so called MSP, to all defense employee(s), should be raised to the Rs.15000/- for first ten years of service and afterwards to the Rs.25000/- till the end of service span which means retirement in toto and with pensionary benefit on it. Every employee(s) of defense should be given full HRA whether employee(s) avails any official accommodation or not and in case of temporary accommodation for six months like in case of Jawan who are denied housing facility on the context of shortage of house or Jawan(s) also preferred temporary accommodation due to link with native place. Inner feeling is this that all defense employee(s) will get full HRA but without paying any license fee because they are forced to live in the Govt. accommodation due to surrounding of their posting on many times. The to and fro facility should be made available to the family of employee whenever they reaches at the place of posting and at the time of leaving from place of posting by providing free transportation vehicle from Rly. Station/ Bus Stop to the place of posting and vice-versa. The budget of purchase of weapons should be cut in an intelligent manner and the commission, denied to middleman, should be calculated and transferred in the account of welfare/ benevolent fund(s) of defense forces without any if and but shown by the ‘Baboodom’ of this country. As we come to know by experience that it is willpower which overpowers all ill powers of the world like in case of Long live Swargiya Tukaram, ASI of Mumbai Police, who single handedly captured a terrorist live which gave pace to the investigation of Mumbai Attacks.
Where was our so called Scotland Yard like IB, RAW and CBI etc at that time, every citizen of India wants the answer of this question. Also the directions of higher ups, for the killing of the lone captured terrorist on account of his involvement in the murder of some high ranking officers of Mumbai Police, should be made public so that infant mind stage of our security stalwarts came into the daylight of this country. Administrative Reforms Commission should also take place along with a Police Reforms Commission and both should travel in the same direction like the two tracks of railway line in a parallel manner. And also seen in case of USA’s war, with terrorism in Afghanistan, is more controlled by the mindset of warrior than the weaponry he possesses. If such difference persists in the category of Mantri and santri, then at the time of invasion whether electronically or physically or by trade practices, the santri will immediately change the loyalty as happened helpful for the conquer of India by various invader(s) like Alexander the great, Ghazhnavi, Nadir Shah, Taimur Lung, Hoons, Tartars, Mongolians, Ghauri, Mughals, Purtguese, French, British and nowadays various MNCs. At last, we should take lesson(s) from the history of our country which is yet to be in scripted/defined properly. Again, one thing is to be kept in mind that “history repeats itself”.

NOTE: - The practice of fixing any amount on advelorem basis should be scrapped at once. The specific rates should be prescribed for any type of financial benefit at any stage like increment, all types of allowances and various types of pay etc. that means all types of payment(s) through Government exchequer. The case of dearness allowance can be kept as an exception in percentage manner but it should be descending order from Gr ‘D’ to ‘A’ like in older days,e.g., for Gr D 10%. For Gr B 8%, for Gr C 6% and for Gr A 4%.

P.S. It is a long journey so that Error in tense/sense may be forgiven.