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26-07-2009, 06:38 PM
( i ) Fitment factor
The 6PC (also another PC) never explained the genuine reasons for the fitment factor of 2.62 in PB-4 Band Pay and factor 3 to Cabinet Secretary, the highest civil servant in India. The 6PC shown us the right path towards becoming a band of scoundrels and only follow the dictums of Band Master, i.e., off course PB-4. Perhaps, this lollypop incentive can stop the senior officers of Cabinet Secretariat not to migrate to ‘Manhattan’ of New York, USA otherwise they had limited choices but now they would settle in India after becoming a Governor/Vice Chancellor. The fitment formula should be ‘3’ (three) as in the case of highest civil Servant, i.e. , Cabinet Secretary. Simply, every employee will get its basic pay as on 01/01/2006 by multiplying its old basic pay as on 01/01/2006 with fitment factor 3(three) and also simplification of other applicable allowances may be done accordingly.
( ii ) Transport allowance of Rs.7000/- on account of not using Govt. vehicle
The 6 PC (also another PC) doled out an official gesture towards this ‘haves’, i.e., PB-4 for availment of Rs7000/- as transport allowance as reimbursement for not using Govt. vehicle. The 6PC (also another PC) was feigning ignorance of misuse of Govt. vehicles by users but also simultaneously justifying another sweet pill to this class at the cost of Govt. Exchequer. Already, there is no mechanism to check the misuse of vehicles at present and this new sweet pill will, also further, escalate the situation. For initializing the check & balances, the responsibility of all concerned staff including Driver should be made in a new mechanism to keep track on this facility in a periodic manner. The log books of all Govt. vehicles should be made public in a monthly basis so that accountability can be ascertained at any later stage. For this, the Public Notice Board can be utilized or it can be placed in the website of the concerned office.
The provisions, for issue of Govt. vehicle to all staff on payment basis for their personal needs, should be initiated with making a transparent transport policy being handled by Vehicle I/c of the concerned office on payment basis at an appropriate rate(s) as per governing rules made there under.
( iii ) Transport Allowance Rs3200/- to GPRs.5400/- & above
The 6PC (also another PC) fixed TA as Rs.3200/- for the employees of GP Rs.5400/ & above. Sorry, I have to quote them as ‘haves’ who received such steep hike without any justification like this 6PC ( also another PC) engaged ‘Pavan Hans’ for this elite class and ‘have-nots’ would come by only local train or Blue lines. This transport allowance can be fixed at par for all Central Govt. Employees because it was made available to reach office only without any further condition(s) like in cases of employees residing in govt. accommodation whether on the basis of job or what so ever may be as in cases of Jawans of Defence Forces/CPOs and also permanent Chowkidar who never operate from their residence etc.
( iv ) Deletion of CCA
The 6PC (also another PC) threw this CCA in the dustbin without any cause shown to this age old privilege of employees posted in big cities. However, the Gr. ‘A’, posted in states, will enjoy this benefit because they are receiving salary from state exchequer where no state used this dustbin like Central Govt. It means that 95% of Gr. ‘A’ would enjoy this perk but 100% of Gr. ‘B’. ‘C’ and ‘D’ would never because they will never receive their salary from state exchequer in any circumstances (please leave the exception like with political connection if anybody got deputation to any state). This incentive can be revived with payment of a fixed amount to every employee. No allowance, any stage, should not be fixed in a percentage manner but always in fixed amount. Because the difference of ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’ will increase further in a percentage manner.

( v ) Traveling allowance on official duty on reimbursement basis
As we are copying every laws of USA, but whenever comes the point to share the facilities with ‘have-nots’, these ‘haves’ always ditched the ‘have-nots’. US law allows every employee $75/- for the traveling allowance per day ( 6PC+1PC described it as perdiem) whenever employee does not claim reimbursement on actual basis. Like this, our Lords also can fix the rate of traveling allowance in a specific manner. We should not rely on adhoc system on the basis of old rates, fixed as long back as in 1998, for the claim of Traveling allowance without reimbursement in the period of “Chandrayaan”. What to say about the achievement of this type if this ‘Baboodom’ sanction the rates of TA to “Chandrayaan” by allowing the rates of way back to the period of Lord Dalhousie because in their view, the ultimate goal is the destruction of the said “Chandrayaan” which, i.e., destruction can be handled by the ‘haves’ more sophistically. Rather, due to non-submission of salvage parts of “Chandrayaan”, the claim can also be rejected by PAOs who are the slumdogs of the ‘haves’ and always ready to lick foot of ‘haves’ but always kept an eye only on peanuts.
There should be at par rates for all employees but in case of reimbursement, the conditions should be case specific.
( vi ) Deletion of daily allowance
The 6PC (also another PC) forgotten the provision of daily allowance @35% of DA for the tour of less than 6 hours, @70% of DA for the tour of more than 6hrs.< tour<12 hrs. and full, i.e., 100% of DA for the tour of more than 12 hrs. for the claim of employees after finishing the tour/ journey within a specified period for the smooth functioning of TA & DA claims by the establishment which is more teaser than any other PC. The 6PC (also another PC) should made the provisions of TA/DA more liberal like in Public Sector and also, citations can be taken from pvt. Sector. All Employees, posted in touring job, may be allowed invariably an advance on monthly basis on prorata basis @125% of expected cost of tour submitted by that employee in a defined manner for whole financial year. At the close of financial year, The DDO can adjust all type of advances (all types is a very general term) in the month of Feb of every year as in case of income tax deduction. After the completion of this procedure, the AGT process can be taken or after transfer from one establishment to another, the transfer of service book should be done after the month of February where it should be made statutory by making it to be marked in the service book of employee by certifying on the face of it at the time transferring the service book. All employees can avail the procedure for advance for any permissible purpose. The limits of advances and also rates of TA/DA should be upgraded to a realistic position as well as to the respectable one also.
( vii ) Vague proposal of Children Education allowance & hostel subsidy
The 6PC (also another PC) proposed and also implemented in case of Children Education allowance & Hostel subsidy without any division on the basis of caste & creed. Hats off to this proposal but the difference in the lifestyle and All India transfer, the fruits of this new orchard will be certainly enjoyed by the ‘haves’, i.e. , in case of Hostel subsidy definitely. The ‘have-nots’ will remain at the mercy of PAOs who are modern Shylocks to puncture the spirit of any facilitation given by this 6PC whether it was provided either by mistake or typing error. The CEA and HS should be made applicable like in case of CGHS benefits where dependent son gets benefit till the becoming independent, daughter gets benefit till the marriage or being independent and both will get the benefit only till the age of 25 years that is upper ceiling of age. The pros and cons of this CEA & HS should be removed and blanket permission may be given to the every employee for the receipt of CEA & HS along with the monthly salary by fixing the norms in parallel to the CGHS scheme. In case of procedural conditions, the two schemes of CGHS and CEA & HS should be made like two tracks of railway line which are identical but never met in their life
NOTE: - The practice of fixing any amount on advelorem basis should be scrapped at once. The specific rates should be prescribed for any type of financial benefit at any stage like increment, all types of allowances and various types of pay etc. that means all types of payment(s) through Government exchequer. The case of dearness allowance can be kept as an exception in percentage manner but it should be descending order from Gr ‘D’ to ‘A’ like in older days,e.g., for Gr D 10%. For Gr B 8%, for Gr C 6% and for Gr A 4%.

P.S. It is a long journey so that Error in tense/sense may be forgiven