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26-07-2009, 06:36 PM

None of us raised the voice of dejected lot of all Gr. B, C and D staff of Central Government of India for their cause due to all of them are facing the same problem but not anticipating the threat of being extinct specie in the hands of Gr A class, so called Baboodom. The elite Gr A, unfortunately the choreographer of this 6PC and also of another PC, has made Gr D employee a extinct one by this 6PC as early as possible and accordingly 7PC & 8PC would take care of Gr B & C employees in due course of time. Here, one point is to be cleared that another PC is (was) the then Finance Minister who controled the mechanism of 6PC by taking the advice of astrologers but took the action on the dictum of the Baboodom in real life.
As we know that due to technological advance, we are living a fast life in the space. In the sunamy of this technological advancement, the 6PC (also another PC) created us, i.e., Gr. ‘B’, ‘C’ & ‘D’ as an extinct species or put us under pressure to live a slave life in the hands of this so called Gr.A Govt. Servants who are behaving like SUBEDAARS as in the time of diminishing Mughal Era. The 6PC (also another PC) is an advance technology of Chandrayaan Era and obviously a step far ahead of 5PC (all of us can not forget it due to at least some good points like ACP etc.). At that time, either we were not so affected or effected staff had not so much courage to bring those facts in the knowledge of Hierarchy of 'Baboodom'. That time, also, internet was not so popular. Like in the British Colonial Era, the railway connected all states of India subcontinent and Indian independence struggle took leaps and bounds by reaching every nook & corner of India and overconfident Britishers surprised by this fever of Indians' eagerness to get rid of Umbrella of British Empire. However, some intellectuals, pertaining to that period, preferred to remain in commonwealth condom for safe survival of the India as a single State.
The relevant matter is that 5PC (that time none another PC) created hypothetically a scale of 2500-4000 for CSSS staff in a retrospectively manner but without giving any financial benefit to any CSSS staff, despite of being termed as a pay scale wef 4th Pay Commission. This hypothetical theorem of 5PC stopped in reaching the CSSS staff to the pay scale of 2200-4000 that was the scale of Under Secretary which can be called entry level of ‘haves’ class. But the 6PC (off course another PC) christened it as entry level scale of Gr.’A’, i.e., becoming a Greek god. The GR.’B’ staff is also entering, no doubt on promotion, at Gr.’A’ level, how can they deny this PB-3 band pay to the promotee officers as there is no denial to them in any resolution/circular/notification relating to the 6PC till date. However, this scale of 2500-4000 is reinvented /reincarnated for CSSS staff in the name and style of 'PB-3 with GP5400 after 4 years of service' and in rest of the cases in Pb-2/3 vice-versa. There will be one advantage in PB-3 scale that these employees would be eligible for PRIS scheme which will start a rat race for 1% more increment under this PRIS scheme and open a Pandora’s Box of sycophancy with an unlimited scope because no general parameters can be fixed for all types of jobs in Govt. of India. The staff involved with the development, construction and deployment of “Chandryaan” in the space up to Moon and those types of cases may be a fit case for PRIS definitely but country should pay more regards to the team of “Chandryaan” on their unique achievement which should be more than this PRIS. But other employee(s) also claim that they have seen the launch of “Chandrayaan” in TV live so that we are also member of this team being citizen(s) of this country. I hope that this ‘Baboodom’ can accept this plea and also our intelligent PAOs would certainly allow every benefit after the palm’s grease.
At the same time, first time in the history of Pay Commissions in independent India, the 5PC proposed ACP Scheme to Gr 'D' staff two ACPs after 12 & 24 years, Gr. 'C' staff two ACPs after 10 & 20 years and Gr. B staff two ACPs after 8 & 16 years but the scheme was announced by the then Minister ( either Minister in PM house or DOPT) Late Shri Pramod Mahajan on 09/08/1999 with applicability as on date with two ACPs after 12 and 24 years only to Gr. 'B', 'C' and 'D' staff. Arithmetically, it was meant that Gr. 'D' would retire with financial benefits of Gr. 'B', Gr. 'C' would retire with financial benefits of Gr. 'A' and Gr. 'B' would retire with financial benefits of Senior Time Scale of Gr. A. Since, there was not any proposal to Gr.’A’ whether organized or not, hence, the Mahajan’s announcement skipped the Gr.’A’. Clearly it proved that in the eyes of Central Government, there was no difference among Gr 'B', 'C' And 'D' staff.
Nowadays, the learned team of the 6PC (also another PC) took out after ‘Samudra Manthan’ a new specie like “Gr. ‘A’ not organized” which boarded us in a time machine to reach in the era of ‘Sputnik’ or earlier period. When Govt. of India launched “Chandrayaan” by bringing this country towards 2050 but the 6PC (also another PC) dramatized it a fiasco like “Love story 2050”.
Now 6PC (never forget another PC) proposed a modified ACP that no staff would not be allowed to reach any upper group unless until that employee got promoted to that post/group. The 6PC ( also another PC) announced this in the month of Aug'2008, so that we can wait till the month of Aug'2009 for any orders of Modified ACP. It is better to wait than receiving this fractured verdict of this outgoing UPA Govt. There was some murmuring in opposition circles that they had assured that they would remove these anomalies and also favours to Gr A at any stage. These can be cooked stories of election time in a routine manner.
It is very simple to calculate that an employee of GP4200 would receive GP4600 after 10 years, GP4800 after 20 years and GP 5400 in PB2 after 30 years and GP5400 in PB3 after 40 years because 'GP 5400 after 4 years' is a useless formula for him/her. This can be, also, done in other GPs wef Rs.1300/- onwards. The 6PC (don't forget another PC) produced a class of untouchables of Gr. B,C and D by disallowing them to reach PB-4 in their service span whether it may be 40-50 or 60 years. 6PC was silent on various matters at the time of justifications of the proposals of new concept.
As whenever, the 6PC reaches to the justification formula for Gr A of like

( i )fitment factor,
( ii )transport allowance of Rs.7000/ on account of not using Govt. vehicle,
( iii ) TA Rs3200/- to GP5400 & above, ( iv ) deletion of CCA ( v ) Traveling allowance on official duty on reimbursement basis,
( vi ) deletion of daily allowance,
( vii ) vague proposal of Children Education allowance & hostel subsidy,
( vii ) House Rent allowance @ 10, 20 and 30 and
( ix ) Military service pay for defense Employees etc.,
the 6PC (and also another PC) posed a seen like "Bolti band ho gayee' or " Sitti-Pitti gum ho gayee'. The class of 'haves' and 'have-nots' has been manufactured by this 'Beaurocracy' which is rightly can be tagged as 'Baboodom'. Whenever the 6PC(and also another PC) made proposal for 'have-nots' , they tuned it to limitations of this group and with a lyrical explanation like you were living a hungry life and now you became habitual of it, so that please remain the same and donate your perks for the projects like 'Chandrayaan' & your body parts for your livelihood. The following points are to be noted for future.

NOTE: - The practice of fixing any amount on advelorem basis should be
scrapped at once. The specific rates should be prescribed for
any type of financial benefit at any stage like increment, all
types of allowances and various types of pay etc. that means
all types of payment(s) through Government exchequer. The
case of dearness allowance can be kept as an exception in
percentage manner but it should be descending order from Gr ‘D’
to ‘A’ like in older days,e.g., for Gr D 10%. For Gr B 8%, for Gr C
6% and for Gr A 4%.

P.S. It is a long journey so that Error in tense/sense may be