View Full Version : Non Availability of Dentist's Chair in Dental Section - CGHS.

16-07-2009, 09:51 AM

It is observed that the most important item for the Dentist to perform his/her duties being the DENTIST CHAIR is not available (for want of replacement) in many CGHS dispensaries having dental section.

There has been an inordinate delay in the process of procurement/supply of such chairs. This is causing lot of problem to the dental patients as also to the dental doctors of the CGHS in those dispensaries.

The sad part is, the patients even after knowing the chair is not there / they are not getting proper dental service in the CGHS, wont care to lodge the complaint. Area welfare officers hand will be strengthened to deal with such cases if the beneficiares do their part whenever there is deficiency in the service (CGHS) is seen. It is tragic people have no hope in the system and it adversely affect those who want to force the issue for fair and responsible reaction to problem by the Authorities.

AWO (& Member Grievance Redressal Committee)