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08-07-2009, 12:29 PM
Hi all

I am having a bitter battle with one of my superior officer in the matter of availing Compensatory Off in lieu of Overtime Allowance for excess hours worked during working days and holidays.

In my department, we are supposed to work 48 hours a week. The rate of Overtime Allowance paid to us are @ Rs. 15.85 per hour for every excess hours worked during working days and @ Rs. 21.15 per hour for every hour worked in Sundays & holidays. The rates were last revised in 1991 (retrospectively from 1986 with pay of 1986 in mind).

Now after the sixth pay commission, average emoluments of all the employees have crossed Rs. 30,000 per month which makes average emoluments per day to Rs.1000/- per day ( 8 hour duty). As the Overtime Allowances, for every excess working day comes to ~Rs.120/-, taking compensatory off and spending quality time with family is more advantageous.

The Govt of India OMs issued from 1978 onwards emphasizes for giving compensatory off to non-industrial employees in lieu of payment of Overtime allowances.

We were being given option to avail compensatory offs in lieu of Overtime Allowances till recently and my superior officer suddenly abolished this facility and refused to allow compensatory off.

Now, my requests to my brethren to advise what course of action I can take to avail compensatory off ?

Comments are invited from senior colleagues on what exactly is the legal position of Overtime Allowance and compensatory off after 6-CPC.



09-07-2009, 06:15 PM
Hi all

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