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27-05-2009, 09:14 PM
Nomination to receive ‘60% Pension arrears’

Here are some questions to pensioners visiting this forum…

In the unfortunate event of the death of a pensioner, the amount payable as pension (including the Pay Commission arrears of 60%), but not paid into the bank account when the pensioner was alive, cannot be credited in the bank account of the pensioner after his/her death. This is the ‘pension arrears’ or ‘lifetime arrears’. Pension Disbursal Authority (PDA) is obliged to make payment of ‘pension arrears’ in the following order. If the pensioner has made valid nomination using Form A as per rules of ‘Payment of Arrears of Pension (Nomination) Rules, 1983’, and if the nominee is alive, then the payment is made to the nominee. If the pensioner has not made nomination as per rules of ‘Payment of Arrears of Pension (Nomination) Rules, 1983’, or if the nominee has died prior to the pensioner and the pensioner has not made a fresh nomination using Form B under the above rules, then PDA makes payment to the legal heir of the pensioner on production of succession certificate.

I assume that the above statements are correct. Senior members may comment on this.

1) Is nomination in Form A of ‘Payment of Arrears of Pension (Nomination) Rules, 1983’, routinely taken from the retiring staff in all offices?

2) Have all the pensioners made the nominations in Form A? If not, let this be done as soon as possible because 60% Pay commission arrears is yet to be paid to the pensioner. Just in case the pensioner dies the nominee will receive the pension arrears without extra hurdles.

3) Is the family pensioner the default nominee or legal heir to receive the above defined 'pension arrears' if there is no nomination made by pensioner? This is a logical inference. What if the family pensioner is not alive and there is no successor to receive family pension?

4) As of now, the nomination facility under ‘Payment of Arrears of Pension (Nomination) Rules, 1983’, is NOT available to the ‘family pensioner’. This is illogical and unfair. What happens to the ‘pension arrears’ (including the 60% lump sum) or ‘lifetime arrears’ if the family pensioner dies before disbursal? Should there not be an option for family pensioner to make a nomination to receive the ‘pension arrears’ without the hassle of producing succession certificate?

Thanks in advance.