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24-05-2009, 12:08 PM
Dear Sir,

I was appointed as UDC in 1983 prerevised scale of 4000. In our office as per recruitment rules we have got opportunity to get promotion to the post of Accountant in the scale of 4500 prerevised subject to 3 years experience in Accounts. UDC's are otherwise eligible to get promotion to the post of Office Superintendent in the scale of 5500 on completion of 8 years of service.

I got my I acp to the scale of 4500 though I had not worked in Accounts. They should have given the scale of 5500 considering my 12 years experience in Estt and Administration to the next higher scale in the hierarchy of the next promotion cadre as I am not eligible for the post of Accountant as per RR. However, as I was not aware of this fact I was not able to represent. I was also promoted to the post of Accountant after some time. However some of the UDCs were not given promotion as they had not worked for 3 years in Accounts.

I got regular promotion to the post of OS in 2007 with grade pay of Rs.4200.
I feel I was deprived of the benefit of higher pay scale of 5500 at the time of I ACP.

Kindly advise whether I can represent now for redressal of my grievance