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04-05-2009, 10:56 AM
I want to sort out one of my problems. If some one is employed before 01.01.2006 and his increament is due on 01.01.06. hows his pay may be fixed. Whether firstly his pay will be fixed after giving his increament due on 01.01.06 and then his pay will be fixed according to VI Pay Commission and again in 01.07.06 his increament would be given.
Please help me how this case would be resolved. I hope very soon i will be having some knowledgeable replies so as to find out real solution.
thanking You....

04-05-2009, 06:07 PM
Dear friend,

You could have opened the thread under appropriate topic of the forum.

Rule 7 of CCS (RP) Rules, 2008 stipulates that the initial pay in the revised pay structure will correspond to the ‘existing basic pay’ as on 01.01.2006 in the pre-revised scale of pay. Basic pay as on 01.01.2006 shall include the increment due on that date.

The DNI in the pre-revised scale, in the instant case being 01.01.2007, the next increment will be due on 01.07.2006 (after fixation of initial pay in the revised pay structure on 01.01.2006) in terms of Rule 10 of CCS (RP) Rules, 2008.