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gowri shankar wuriti
28-01-2019, 10:30 AM
1. whether an officer movement from "one pure central government department to other pure central government office" is considered as transfer?

2, whether Technical resignation to a Group A central government post to join in a new Group A post in central government is public interest? please provide necessary OMs

3. On technical resignation to a post to join in a new direct recruit post (both central government Gr.A Posts),whether,all the past service considered for GPF,Pay fixation,TA on transfer,EL Credit, LTC on credit and seniority acquired in the previous post? kindly share relavent SR No. and detailed OMs if any.
4. Whether point No.3. of "Consolidated instruction on seniority OM DoP&T’s O.M. No.20011/1/2008-Estt.(D) Dated 11thNovember 2010 is applicable to "submit Technical resignation to join in a new post in cental government"
5. If not, which point has mentioned the above referred case in that Consolodated insr. on seniority OM?
6. Is there any rule that detailed "retaining of past service seniority in new office"for the officers who moves from one dept. to other department(pure central government departments only) on applied for an advertised post through proper channel and technical resignation to join in new post
kindly guide me in this regard.

gowri shankar wuriti
01-02-2019, 04:46 PM

kindly respond