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22-09-2018, 04:27 PM
Namaskar to all members.
I have recently joined a new organisation as deputationist, in accordance with posting order from my parent department. After joining I have submitted CEA claim at the new organisation for the recently concluded year.

1.The claim submitted covered the recent academic year completed. However the academic year is such that it extends partly for the period of posting in new organisation and partly period of old posting in parent department.( or to be precise, the parts of last quarter of the academic year is divided into my posting period in both the organisations).

2. The CEA is claimable on quarterly basis as well as yearly basis as was applicable under the 6PC allowance rules in effect till July2017 and in this case, I opted to claim for yearly basis within the prescribed time limit.

The date of submission incidentally was when I was posted in new organisation.
Now my new organisation is refusing me total claim saying that the claim for period corresponding to the old posting cannot be submitted in the new organisation.

My query is-
1.Is the organisation justified by refusal under such a condition. Are there any supporting rules for this?
2.Even if this contention is justified, then what calculation should the organisations apply to pass my claim for parts of the quarter which i spent in the respective organisations? E.g in the new organisation I spent only last 23 days of the last quarter
3.Even if the division of my claim is calculable , then can I really claim this way from both organisations since it becomes a case of claim twice for a same quarter which I believe is against the rule ( i.e....claim can be made only once for a quarter…).

12-03-2019, 02:58 PM
Seniors of this forum, pls provide valuable feedback.
Or is the query so unusual??