View Full Version : Pay Matrix Not following the Rule of 3% Increment as approved by cabinet....

05-08-2016, 11:22 AM
As approved by Cabinet the 3 % increment are to be given to employee on a annual basis but in so many case this 3% approved rate is not following in Pay Matrix in so may cases i.e. in 4600 GP or Level 7 ... in 4800 GP or Level 8... and some more... This is absolute wrong.... Authorities may take it in to consideration for revised pay matrix... so employee should not get even a single penny loss by the increment.. also creating loss in Pay fixation from 4600 GP/Level 7 to 4800 GP Level8 on promotion or on Financial upgradation by MACP... No GP difference... No upper fitment in table... as both the level have same amounts in Coloms.. SO Check ... Check... I am in Loss...Blunder Mistake in Pay matrix....
A K Gautam

11-08-2016, 08:58 PM
There are other anomalies like promotion from PB 2 with 5400 GP to 6600GP getting fixed at a higher stage than those going from from PB 3 with 5400 to 6600 GP.
This commission has recommended MACP on hierarchy whereas under the last cpc it was to the next grade pay. This may also result in anomalous situation.