View Full Version : This Historic CPC

26-07-2016, 09:26 PM
Our Hon. FM has announced a common multiplication factor.."common" to all, of 2.57. In the new scales, in the 1st grade it is 17990 and 18000 but in the last 5 grades, who have magnanimously accepted 2.57 instead of 2.82 and more, the difference after multiplying the lowest in 6 CPC with 2.57, there is a difference of 20,000( highest grade to 10,000 in 16th grade) and this progressively comes down to 10/- in grade 1. What a historic CPC, lying their way through. DA for pensioners is half that of employees and is lower than the previous 6 CPC.( for S-24= 23050*7= 1613 and in the new 7 CPC: 59250*2= 1185. Most probably same result at the beginning of all PBs.
What are our leaders doing ? They have with drawn their proposed strike call to 4 months later and no sounds on these subjects. What are Mr Natarajan and Mr.A. Rajagopalan doing ? no sounds whatsoever. Lets discuss these and many more issues that are likely.