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28-04-2016, 06:05 PM
I am in GP 4800 and is not entitled to travel by Air. I availed LTC block 2014-17 during 2015 and took LTC advance and leave encashment. I traveled by Air by way of booking through makemytrip. My DDO rejected the claim and recovered the advance amount with interest from my pay saying that booking tkts through makemytrip is not allowable. I am of the opinion that such instructions for bookings are only to those who are entitled to travel by air and are claiming air fares. In my issue, anyway my claim is to be restricted only to the eligible rail fare and booking through which agent is immaterial. It is only to be seen whether I have actually performed the journey or not.

Further if my claim is rejected on this count, then what will happen to the 10days encashment, whether I have to repay it that too alongwith interest or it is to be construed that I have availed LTC for the said block.

Kindly clarify.