View Full Version : FR 22 for grant of senior Grade to teachers

09-04-2009, 07:33 PM
Dear Sirs,

In 5th. Pay Commission grant of senior Grade was considered as Financial upgradation as there was no change of duties thus FR 22 was no applicable but in sixth Pay Commission finanacial upgaradtion is also entitled for FR22 but they have mentioned this for ACP possibly there is an ommission for teachers becuase teachers are small community as compared to office staff in secratriate otherwise also teachers are least taken care by the people who were responsible for deciding the text of sixth pay commission, would any body guide us as how to get clarification from HRD or MOF whom to contact.

Even if there is no mention that FR22 shall not be appliable but KVS has taken a safe side of not implementing FR 22 possibly to avoaid Audit issues but I do not know whether any body from Senior officials of KVS will follow with the HRD to get the reply on this matter.

Can any body help KVS teachers on this issue.

14-04-2009, 07:38 AM
I think grant of Sr.Scale /Selection Grade to teachers is coming under the preview of financial upgradation only or it can be called as promotion (after 12 years as per existing rule). In Sixth pay commisssion report also mentioned that "Residency period for promotion from one grade to another grade shall remain unchanged" (Original Report Page No.218). So it reveals that FR 22 may be aplicable to KV Teachers.