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15-11-2015, 03:41 AM
Respected sir,

in DEC-14 i had filed a RTI application to CPIO which is pending for hearing at CIC. Now i have filed another RTI application with CPIO he did not replied yet. 30 days time period after reception of RTI appl by CPIO is over.

This is delibrate delay by CPIO. If information sorted after 15 days is not useful to me as a matter of urgancy.

By direct compalaint to CIC in this case, will CIC order CPIO to provide information within 15 days period?

What should I do?

Gopal Krishan
15-11-2015, 02:24 PM
From the facts mentioned above it is not clear as to an application filed with the CPIO in December, 2014 is pending for hearing with the CIC. Did you file First Appeal and the 2nd appeal before the CIC? If yes, what was the out come? In any case direct complaint to the CIC would not help as in that case CIC would not be in a position to direct the CPIO to provide the information. Complaint is under Section 18 of the Act whereas second appeal before the CIC is under Section 19 of the Act.
Gopal Krishan

16-11-2015, 02:23 PM
Yes i have filed first appeal to FAA. Also I have filed second appeal to CIC which is still pending for hearing. RTI application is about recruitment & validity of the board is going to be laps in december. SO information sought after dec. is not useful to me what should i do?

Gopal Krishan
16-11-2015, 05:50 PM
My experience with the CIC is that it takes more than 12 months for a second appeal to come up. Of course, things have improved recently. Cases are coming up faster.
Unless you give full details of the case no body would be able to give you proper advice in the matter.
Gopal Krishan