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03-04-2009, 10:08 AM
On initial fixation 0n 1.1.06 fraction of rupees is rounded off to ten rupees. Can someone clarify whether rounding off continues for normal and promotional increments also. It rumoured that if it is done so then there would be recoveries in my departmen in Min. of Shipping.:confused:

03-04-2009, 11:49 AM
As per rule 9 of revised pay rules, 2008, (you can go through http://gconnect.in/pages/pc_note.html ), The rate of increment in the revised pay structure will be 3% of the sum of the pay in the pay band and grade pay applicable, which will be rounded off to the next multiple of 10. The amount of increment will be added to the existing pay in the pay band.
So, it is applicable for promotional/regular increments.

03-04-2009, 04:56 PM
There is no dispute that the same is applicable even for promotions and normal increments as the amount of increment as per illustration needs to be rounded off to next multiple of Rs. 10. Major dispute is arising in the cases where the amount to be rounded off is coming say Rs. 540.25 /510.45/ etc. As all the illustrations were not considering the arrival of amount upto two places of decimal hence, such cases are not being rounded off to 550 or say 520. Whereas in various commissionerates they were arriving at the amount with two places of decimal and accordingly rounding off to next multiple of Rs. 10. This cumulatively adds up to substantial amount as now pay increases on %age terms of the previous years basic pay, provided the same does not get counter compensated in future. Please some body will clarify as to what should be the correct method particularly when all the previous rules have been rescinded to first rounding off to next or previous rupee and instead rounding off to next multiple of Rs. 10 is made effective.

03-04-2009, 08:27 PM
Dear Sharadji, pl go thru 1st post on this page http://gconnect.in/forums/showthread.php?p=2732&highlight=rounding#post2732. paise should be ignored for rounding purpose

03-04-2009, 11:08 PM
Dear Sharad
This issue has already been discussed in this forum. What you are saying was correct till clarification dated 29.01.2009 was issued by MoF. They have now clarified that paise will be ignored for rounding off to next ten rupees. A copy of this clarification is available in Swamy's monthly News for March, 2009. You may see it.

04-04-2009, 05:20 PM
As it rightly pointed out that said clarificatory OM signed by Director Implementation Cell will not be available readily as the said IC’s clarification was not made available in the Internet and got to be received from PAOs CBEC forwarded through their Accounts officer ( Coord) New Delhi. While all the OMs and its clarifications related to 6 CPC have been made available through Secured Internet Signed copies within a day or two of its issuance, why this was not communicated likewise ?.

In the Sl. No. 4 of the said OM F. No. 1/1/2008 – IC dated 29/01/2009 methodology for rounding off while calculating increments under Revised Pay has been explained by ignoring paise. “To illustrate, if the amount of increment comes to Rs.1900.70 paise, then the amount will be rounded off to Rs. 1900 only; If it works out to be Rs. 1901, then it will be rounded off to Rs.1910/-“

Firstly the Related Rules ( Rule 3 (fitment) and Rule 9 ( Increment) clearly envisages rounding off to next multiple of Ten and Only according to that stand the pay fixation ( Fitment) was prepared and given along with the 6 CPC OM .

Now the above clarification totally contrary to the CCS ( RP) Rules 2008 and the stand taken for calculating the Fitment Table projected by themselves. However, in the said clarificatory OM itself they have safely excluded their own Fixation (Fitment) table , which correctly implemented the CCS ( RP) Rules for Rounding Off, by specifying that the “present clarification of rounding off procedure to be followed for calculation of increments from 01/07/2006 onwards and for Initial fixation, Fitment Table only to be taken into account”.

By this, all the Bill drawing administrators and PAOs should have to verify each and every increments already drawn and if need be by revising the band pay , to recover the excess paid amount – Almost another full fledged Pay Fixation and Drawal work – After all this laborious calculation process, the government exchequer will fetch a very little.
Why and What for this confusing Clarification?!. More So, why should be such a huge discrimination between Rupee one and Paise 99 and below ( Take the illustration itself that If some one get short of 30 paise he has to loose Rs.10/- on the other hand the other one by getting 30 paise more gaining Rs.10/-)

Very Bad Discrimination, at the cost of valuable Man Hours of Administrators & Auditors, for a NIL excehequer.

The implementation Cell should reconsider this Rounding off Confusion ( Clarification) immediately