View Full Version : Seeking clarification regarding Technical Resignation

Joymanik Savio
10-09-2014, 09:45 PM
I joined as an Inspector in Central Excise Dept, Bangalore on 17th Feb, 2014 after having worked in Income tax Dept as a Tax Assistant from 3 Oct, 2012 till 16th Feb 2014. I have tendered Technical Resignation to Income Tax Dept upon and the same was approved and accepted by the competent authority prior to joining central excise. In the relieving order of my previous employer, i.e. Income Tax Dept, it was clearly mentioned that my application for technical resignation has been approved and hence my resignation may be treated as "technical formalities" as per rule 26(2) of the CCS (pension Rule), 1972. A copy of the order has also been forwarded to the concerned authorities in Central Excise Dept, Bangalore. And accordingly, my service book has also been forwarded to my new dept. However last week, I was verbally informed by ACAO that I need to write a letter to the Addl. Commissioner, Central Excise, Bangalore, request him to kindly consider my past service in Income Tax failing which it will not be taken into consideration. Until then, the office of the ACAO has recorded my service only from 17th Feb, 2014 in a NEW SERVICE BOOK that was opened. I would like to get a clarification whether such a letter is necessary and whether opening a New service book, despite the fact that my old service book has already been forwarded by my previous employer will have any future ramification?. thanks and regards.

14-09-2014, 09:04 PM
I don't think the letter is necessary as past service is automatically counted in such cases. However, to be on the safer side you may give a written request.