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28-02-2009, 01:39 PM
The indefinite strike of CGHS employees continued for the SIXTH consecutive day

The ongoing strike of the All India Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) Employees' Association has put patients' lives in peril.

The indefinite strike across the country was launched on Monday.

Almost 500 patients turn up daily in each CGHS Dispensaries, at Chennai, but they are being sent back. Except Doctors and staff members on probation, others including security, sweepers have joined strike.

One of the CGHS pharmacist, said, "We are not going to give medicines till our demands are met."

"We have decided not to open the medicine shops and dispensaries. We refer patients to other hospitals and clinics but we are not providing the medicines and other facilities here," .

The office bearer had expressed, "We are helpless. The government should understand that the work at CGHS should start soon but they too are taking their own time."

He said over 2.5 lakh health employees across the country are on an indefinite strike since February 23 protesting against the adamant attitude of the government over the demands.

Ram Krishen, convener of the All India Health Employees and Workers Confederation, from Delhi said that the reasons behind the strike are demand for a patient care allowance (PCA), which should be continued with the nursing allowance and should be made part of the basic pay package.

He said a constitution of a paramedical services council of India and the privatisation and outsourcing work in any form or at any level should be stopped in the health sector. "All the posts and works should be replaced by regular staff, wherever work has been given on contract," he said.

He added, "In fact, we have heard that government is planning to stop CGHS, which we will never allow them. They say CGHS is not serving the purpose and is not necessary." Whereas, L R Jadhav, president of the association, said that the health employees who have gone on indefinite strike include all the nursing staff, paramedics, chemists, and pharmacists etc who are members of CGHS.

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