View Full Version : Anomaly between CSSS and autonomous institutions

Sanjay Gandhi
25-02-2009, 09:58 AM
In my opinion this 6 CPC has made all the SOs / PSs of autonomous institutes as step child.

Can anyone tell me whether pay commission (6 CPC) wanted to say all the SOs & PSs of autonomous institutions are not working? If they thought so, then they mis-understood. In real sense the SOs & PSs of autonomous institute are working much-much more than a SO or PS of Central Government(CSSS).

I request to Ministry of Finance & competent authorities to kindly take some corrective steps for removing this anomaly.

25-02-2009, 03:09 PM
Mr. Gandhi

u r very correct. MoF/DOPT should come forward with a notification allowing non-functional scale of Rs. 7500/8000 to SOs/PSs of the autonomous bodies. At present, what is happening some autnomous bodies like CSIR, etc. have given NFS to its PSs/SOs, which means GP of 4800/5400. On the other hand some other autonomous bodies have not given this scale, which means GP 4200.

There should be a parity between autnomous bodies and this parity is possible with the notification from MoF/DOPT.

The same thing happend with the 4CPC when CSS/CSSS has upgraded the Rs. 1400 scale to 1640 for its Assistants/Stenographers. The result was lots of cases in the Courts from Assistants/Stenographers from autnomous orgs. And after 20 years still cases are going on. The similar thing happend in the 6CPC also. The competent authority like MoF/DOPT should see this anomaly and rectify it as early as possible, before the SOs/PSs of autonomous offices go for justice to CAT/courts.