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18-02-2009, 08:14 AM
I was working as a Scientific Assistant in the Scale of Rs.5000-8000 from 2002 thereafter i got incremental through DPC to the Scale of Rs.5500-9000 in sept 2007.


I would like to know the status of pay fixation in my case since both the scales are fallen into the same pay band + grade pay i.e., 93000-34500 + 4200.

Question 2:

As per the new ACP scheme when will i get the ACP and in which scale?

Question 3:

Whether the incremental from 5000 to 5500 will be counted against the ACP after merger of these two scales?

Question 4:

in earlier case of my department the peoples got ACP scale of Rs.8000-13500 after the Scale of Rs.5500.

Whether i will get the same through ACP in due course?

Question 5:

What will be status of my seniority in the scale of Rs.9300-34500 + 4200 against the juniors or new appointees?

Will i get any increment due the DPC?

if any body have answer to these questions please help me

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19-02-2009, 08:54 PM
Dear friend

Answer 1:This query is yet to be resolved by MoF. You are not the only sufferer. The worst suffere are Central Excise/Incometax people where all the three grades i.e. 5000,5500 and 6500 exists. You have to wait for clarification on this issue.

2 & 3: These questions can be answered only after issuance of orders of ACP from MoF. As on date, no one can give reply on this issue with authority.

4: Yes you will get the next scale on ACP. But whether it will be next Grade Pay or next scale can be clarified on after issuance of ACP orders. Again wait.

5. your seniority will be protected in any case, it is sure. No wait.