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04-06-2014, 08:32 PM
Hello Members of this Forum ! I am a new member and I have recently developed a web based Pension and Income Tax calculator useful for Central Government retired employees, which calculates pension for the current year or any year.
The link is given below.


For this program the user has to give only small amount of data like their name,pension on the date of retirement, Commutation percentage, Dearness relief sanctioned during January and Dearness Relief sanctioned during July for any year. Then click Submit button. The program will do all pension calculations and the results will appear in a separate page. It will also do income tax calculations. I am also giving below some sample data so that the user will know how the data should be given.

Sample data :

Name : Your Name
Pension on retirement : 30000
Commutation percentage : 40
First dearness relief(%) : 80
Second dearness relief(%) : 90

Note on Pension Calculator program:

While entering data for pre-2006 retirees, in the second box ie. for the pension on retirement date, the data pertaining to the pension fixed on 1-1-2006 should be entered. Also the program is now modified to do calculations of pension right from 2006 onwards. The user has to enter the corresponding dearness relief values sanctioned for the months of January and July for the corresponding year. For eg. the dearness relief sanctioned during 2006-2008 are given in the following table.

Date form which payable Rate of Dearness Relief per mensem
From 1.1.2006 No Dearness Relief
From 1.7.2006 2% of basic pension / family pension
From 1.1.2007 6% of basic pension / family pension
From 1.7.2007 9% of basic pension / family pension
From 1.1.2008 12% of basic pension / family pension
From 1.7.2008 16% of basic pension / family pension