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01-04-2014, 01:22 AM
Sir, I Joined in Central Excise Department on 03/06/2013 as a Inspector of Central Excise and at present, I am continuing in this department. My case is as under.
Before joining Central Excise Department, I have already rendered about five years continuous Govt. service in two other different departments i.e. (1) in Income Tax Department as a Tax Assistant with grade pay of Rs.2400/- from 18/01/2008 to September 2011( almost 3 years and eight months completed) and (2) in Railway Board (Ministry of Railway) as a Assistant with Grade Pay of Rs. 4600/- from September 2011 to 29/05/2013 ( almost 1 year 9 months completed). In both these departments, I have been selected through SSC CGL and both the Departments have accepted my Technical Resignation and relieved accordingly.
Further, it is submitted that I have applied for joining time pay as I have relieved from Railway Board on 29.05.2013 and joined the Central Excise Department on 03/06/2013. During this transit period (i.e. four days from 30/05/2013 to 02/06/2013) I have not got salary from Railway Board.
In connection with the above, Central Excise Department (Administrative Officer) told me that as I have not completed two years continuous service in the previous department (i.e Raiway Board (Ministry of Railway), hence I am not eligible for joining time pay.
Further, it is also submitted that I have also applied for Transfer TA from Delhi to Tirupati on relieving from the Railway Board (Ministry of Railways). But again the Department has rejected my Transfer TA claim on the ground that I have not completed two years of continuous Service in the earlier Department. Hence, as per rules read with SR.114 under GIM .FOM. No. F3(3) Estt. IV/56 dated 3rd March,1958 and their corrigendum of even number dated 23.05.1958, I have not been declared quasi permanent/ permanent. Hence , the Transfer TA claim is rejected.
Now my humble request for clarification is on the following points.
1. Whether am I eligible for Joining time and joining time pay in the present Department?
2. Whether am I eligible for Transfer TA claim?
Kindly give me your valuable views and clarification on the above matter.