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25-11-2013, 12:00 AM
I am paying HRA @20,000 pm. For claiming Income tax rebate I need to submit rent receipt alongwith PAN no of the owner. The owner takes rent in form of cheque in f/o of his wife. The flat is in the name of the owner only. In this case can I claim income tax rebate if I give the pan no of owner's wife ?

20-08-2016, 07:11 PM
Sir, You should check all these things before getting the house on rent. Also incorporate PAN of house owner in the agreement along with PAN copy. Here the house owner is evading tax. Probably he is 10% slab or above.

He is the ultimate owner. It is his income. He may divert it to his wife. But he does it with his willingness. It is as equal as he is taking the rent and giving it as gift to wife. He may do it but has to pay the tax due from his side.

Eg. He may give his half salary to his wife. That does not mean that he can evade tax for that part.

Eg. If both are having a fight, and if wife claims the rent, will he accept it. Probably no.

So PAN of house owner's wife is not acceptable. DDO or IT AO may some time accept it my mistake also. but this does not mean that he is correct.

If he is not giving his pan, it is your bad claim. If I am DDO i will not allow it as an exemption. Whosever name the cheque may be, it is the house owner's income only. so His PAN is required