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19-11-2013, 03:12 PM
I entered as Direct Recruit Salt Inspector(Salt Dept,GOI) on 16.06.1984 in the pay scale of Rs 425 equivalent to 1400-2600 which attracts grade pay of Rs4200 (now revised to Rs4600). I got promoted to Dy. Supdt in the scale of Rs500 equivalent to 1640-2900 which now attracts grade pay of Rs 4600. I technically resigned the job and join as Inspector of Central Excise on 08.08.1994 as direct recruit. I got 1st APC upon completion of 12 years service in the CEX dept on 08.08.2006. Upon implementation of MACP I represented for 2nd MACP. The Screening Committee re-fixed the 1st ACP to 17.06.1999 noting that earlier fixation was not correct and gave 2nd ACP ( not MACP) w.e.f 17.06.2008. Accordingly bill for arrears was sent to PAO and he raised the objection of granting 2nd ACP citing the reason that I got promotion in the Salt Dept.

Please enlighten me whether objection of PAO is correct or not
Points to be noted:
a) Both Inspector of Salt and Central Excise carries same scale at the time of joining in the Salt Dept ie during 1984.(Rs 425 scale)
b) Dy. Supdt/ Inspector of Central Excise carries same scale of Rs 1640-2900 as the scale of CEX inspector is got upgraded earlier / at the time of joining the CEX dept.

20-11-2013, 10:13 AM
In my view, the 1st ACP is NOT admissible as you have already earned one promotion in the previous organisation. However, you will be entitled to 2nd ACP on completion of 24 years of service i.e. on 16.6.2008.

You may also refer to Clarification No. 5 given by DOPT at (http://ccis.nic.in/WriteReadData/CircularPortal/D2/D02est/ACP_Scheme_F.No.35034_1_97-Estt(D)(Vol.IV).htm)