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Raj Kishore Sharma
23-10-2013, 10:15 PM
Now that the news is out regarding the PM having agreed to set up the Seventh Central Pay Commission, let us deliberate on the issues to be raised before the Commission. The previous CPC has left a trail of grievances suffered by the Government employees. Let these points of grievances be enumerated and focused in the Discussion Board forum so that a unified approach is taken by all major service associations/ federations while framing memorandum containing demands before the 7th CPC.

Hope that the learned and brilliant brains will come out with issues.

Raj Kishore Sharma

Raj Kishore Sharma
25-10-2013, 10:49 PM
To begin with, let me give some issues which whole of the community of Government employees would like to be addressed by the next CPC. These are as under:


(1) Removal of disparity in pay of a new entrant on a post as a DR and another as a promotee. Ideally, the concept of a 'minimum pay' for every individual post should introduced.

(2) If the principle of uniform date of annual increment is to stay, there should be a provision that the condition of rendering minimum six month service in a particular year should be dispensed with in the first year of a Direct recruitment. Presently a DR employee joining his post say on 2nd January of a year gets increment on the 1st of July of the next year, i.e., after nearly 18 months.

(3) No occurrence of the situation of a Grade Pay say present Rs. 5400 falling in two Pay Bands.

II. M.A.C.P.:-

(1) The ridiculous condition should be removed which debars an employee from further financial upgradation if he refuses a functional promotion. It is ridiculous because if an employees does not possess qualification for next promotion, he is allowed all the three MACPs but if he has qualification but refuses for promotion he is denied MACP.

(2) The Grade Pay available on grant of MACP should be linked to the promotional hierarchy however, promotion in the same grade pay should be counted as 'one' upgradation for the purpose of MACP because it is an anomalous situation where the promotion involves higher responsibilities but no hike in the grade pay.

III. Child Care Leave:-

(1) The amount of CCL now available to only female employees should be divisible into both mother and father if both are in Government service.

(2) The grounds on which CCL may be availed should be restricted to avoid its mass 'misuse' for the purposes other than the child. It is well known that most of the mothers are not qualified to help the child in his/her studies, why are they allowed to avail leave in the name of child.

(3) In case of dire need of the child such as serious illness, CCL should not be denied. Presently many female employees are denied CCL even in genuine needs of their child and influential female employees manage to get full 2 years CCL at a stretch on frivolous ground. Such discretionary powers should be curtailed in the matter of CCL.

I welcome my friends to come out with other issues.

Raj Kishore Sharma

03-11-2013, 10:18 AM
6th CPC was the best. However improvement should be there

20-11-2013, 03:18 PM
Dear Raj Kishore Sharmaji,

Thank you for the above message analyzing the points that are required to be put forth before the 7th CPC. I am working in a Subordinate department outside secretariat. A Stenographer is appointed through SSC after qualifying in the examination conducted by the SSC. By securing highest ranks in the examination, the stenos are posted in the region itself. However, the persons who are posted in the secretariat get more promotions compared to the people posted in the subordinate services. Though this cannot be rectified due to non-availability of posts, at least pay parity can be given. In fact, 6th CPC highlighted about the parity between secretariat service and subordinate service, in reality the situation is totally different. For example, a Private Secretary, the first Gazetted Post in the cadre of Stenographers, is having GP of 4800 in Secretariat but in Subordinate service it is only 4600/-. Even by virtue of MACP, if a PS gets 4800/- GP, he/she is not eligible for upgradation after four years. This is a gross anamoly and injustice. This issue also requires to be highlighted to the new CPC.

Hope my point is clear



02-09-2014, 01:16 PM
Many websites have uploaded the probable figures of pays under 7PC. if these are truly Govt proposals then it should be said that the pay revision under 7PC will be huge eyewash because these figures are nothing more than merger-of-DA figures which should have happened first when DA crossed 50% and further when it crossed 100%.THUS PAY REVISION SHOULD OFFER US SOMETHING BEYOND mere MERGER FIGURES AND IN COMPARISION TO THE PVT SECTOR. Only then the employees can be expected to give output like Pvt sector.
A co related point for 7PC will be that DA, under 7pay scales, should be (invariably ) merged when it crosses 50%.