View Full Version : Proof is required or not in case of settling transportation of peronal effects

31-08-2013, 10:03 AM
Every claim for TA on tour/transfer requires countersignature by the controlling Officer, who will scrutinize the details of the claim, the necessity, frequency, duration of journey/halts, distances, rates etc. and ensure that the claim is order in all respects. Four Tour TA claim mere countersignature will suffice. But in the case of transfer TA claim involving claim for transport of personal effects, the Controlling Officer has to certify that the claim of transport of personal effects has been scrutinized and it is reasonable.
TA claims for Tour and Transfer are to be submitted in Forms GAR 14A/14B respectively all the officers concerned in duplicate with all columns filled in, including the column for purpose of journey. These will be scrutinized with reference to the Tour Sanction Order/Transfer Order, as the case may be, as also the various details contained in the claim. The Controlling Officer may require submission of proof by the claimants for travel eg. Ticket numbers of rail/bus journeys, to satisfy about the genuineness of the claims. One the claim has been countersigned, the PAO will admit the claims assuming that the controlling officer is satisfied about the genuineness of the claim. However in the case of claim for transportation of personal effects, submission of money receipts is necessary for verification by the Controlling Officer as well as the Pay and Accounts Officer.
All the claims including his own and that controlling Officer will be signed by the DDO in part B. The claim will be countersigned by the Controlling Officer. Instructions for affixing full signature by the claimant, DDO and the Countersigning Officer only on the original, with the initials on the office copy, should be complied with, to avoid any chances of double payment, if full signatures are affixed on the office copy also.
Concessions to the persons posted to North Eastern Region, Lakshadweep eta are if the family does not accompany the Government Servant, he will paid TA on tour for self only for the transit period and will be permitted to carry personal effects up to 1/3 of his entitlement at Government cost; or can have the cash equivalent of carrying one third of his entitlement or the difference in weight of the personal effects he is actually carrying and 1/3 of his entitlement, as the case may be, in lieu of the cost of transportation of baggage. If the family accompanies him he can draw the existing TA including the cost of transporting personal effects to his maximum entitlement irrespective of actual weight carried.

Hence I request somebody to clarify whether the proof is required for giving settlement of transportation of personal effects from the ship journey to Lakshadweep to Kochi. Some offices are not demanding the fare tickets of ships for settling personal fares. Is it correct?