View Full Version : What was my pay under F.R.22 I (a)(2)?

26-08-2013, 07:30 PM

I was inspector of Income Tax in the pay scales of Rs.5.500-175-9000 as on 20-04-2004 and drawing pay of Rs.8300.

The pay scales of Inspector were updated to Rs.6,500-200-10500 w.e form 21-04-2004 as per boards letter F.No. A-41015/59/2002-Ad-VII dated 22-04-2004. The pay fixation was fixed under F.R. 22 I(a)(2) at Rs. 8300 in the new pay scales from 21-04-2004 to 31-08-2004 and at Rs. 8,500 w.e. from 1-09-2004 i.e, increment day due to exercise of option.

Now due to stepping up of my pay in view of allowing pay anomaly to my junior w.e. from September 1999. At this time my pay is to be revised by stepping up of my pay as on 21-04-2004 and also on 1st September being increment date opted by filing a letter of option.

In light of the above situation, it is requested to inform me as to what was my pay under F.R. 22 I(a)(2), on 21-04-2004 and also on 1st September 2004 as early as possible as i have to claim arrears of it and also revised pension etc.

Thanking you!

Your's truly,
M.Krishna moorthy.