View Full Version : Deletion of dependent daughter's name from cghs card.

19-06-2013, 11:59 PM
Dr R K Asthana, Addl. Director, CGHS, Lucknow deleted my daughter's name from my CGHS Card No.6408, attached with CGHS Disp No.2, Lucknow. My daughter is in receipt of scholarship of Rs.27,000/- per month for study in France. As she is scholarship recipient her name was deleted. I had to go through arduous pursuits through several representations to almost all the conceivable competent authorities of CGHS and MOFFW. I couldn't get any response as competent government authorities prefer silence usually. I have to raise this issue through registered complaint at Directorate of Public Grievance. In Income Tax rule its clearly defined that scholarship is not an income, irrespective of amount. I asked MOHFW authorities to justify act of deletion of my daughter's name.Intervention of Mr.R K Jain, Addl. Secy. & D.G, CGHS has now resolved this issue as
Dr B C Mohapatra,Addl. Dy. Dir. Gen,(HQ), CGHS, writes "that Scholarships are basically meant for meeting the cost of education and can not be considered as income" ref. letter no. F.No.Z.15025/35/2013-CGHS.III, Dated: 07-06-2013;DPC Complaint No. DPG/H/2013/80018, 23-04-2013. I am especially sharing this to apprise the CGHS beneficiaries exposed to vagaries of controlling authorities like Dr R K Asthana.,Ex Addl.Dir. CGHS, Lucknow.

20-06-2013, 05:12 PM
Why don't you bring it to the notice of Secretary ,DOP, Dept. of Pensions & Pensioners Welfare and Ministry of FFW
so that ignorant and inefficient people like Dr. Asthana are " educated " ?

21-06-2013, 01:17 PM
Dear Mr Imayan,
E-mail representations do not draw attention of the competent authorities in Government Department, usually. It seems their e-mail addresses as shown in respective web sites are either dormant or the concerned authority just ignore them. For such defunct system aggrieved person has to go through registered complaints at DARPG, DPG, President's Secretariat Help Line etc. The officials who were keeping mum over the representations now is bound to speak up. I have sent representations to almost all the conceivable authorities of MOHFW & CGHS. Every one was silent about it then registered complaint at DPG compelled the authorities to respond. Resolution of registered complaints takes considerable time; 2 to 3 months. Governments' hullabaloo about implementation of e-governance etc. is a gimmick only. Bare fact is standard of our governance has deteriorated considerably, so a hapless commoner has no choice but to bear with chaotic administration.