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15-06-2013, 02:15 PM
Come June-July, taxpayers become busy preparing and filing income tax returns. This year many of them are in for a rude shock as the Department have issued instructions vide notification no.34/2013 of 1st May 2013, that in all cases of taxable income over 5 lacs, the ITR should filed online, as only e-filing will be accepted. Earlier, this limit used to be 10 lacs, and even today the power point demo for e-filing available in incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in site shows this figure as 10 lacs only. When I.T dept. themselves have not updated their site, it is not known how the ordinary taxpayer is expected to know the change.

The other problem is viewing one's tax payments and TDS in Form 26AS. Earlier (till October 2012) this used to be managed by NSDL but now the work is transferred to IT Dept. One has to get registered with 'TRACES' to view these forms. Registration with TRACES is not easy. The site says that Surname is mandatory and should be as per PAN. However, PAN card does not show surname, in most cases. If your PAN shows your name as full name including surname, you have to enter this as your name and the latter portion of your full name will be used as surname. Forget you surname in passport. It may not be the same here. Your father's name may also may not be accepted as surname. All these will be shown as 'invalid details'. One has to get this registration done only by trial and error. I had sent half a dozen mails to TRACES for help but no help came. There is a need to indicate which entry is invalid, as all entries cannot be invalid.
Online quick efiling facility is available only for ITR 1. Wonder why this canít be extended to other categories. Extracting personal information from PAN card base documents or your earlier returns is possible, according to IT dept., but a foot note indicates that it is applicable only for F.Y 2011-12
It is time that the Department simplifies the process of e-filing and registration required for the same

G Ramdas