View Full Version : Misinterpretation of TA rules

13-05-2013, 10:57 PM
There are two observations on which I would like to have clarifications. Please help.
1. A year back I conducted a tour for which I opted the TA as per 6th pay. I claimed auto charges for reaching the Bus stand from my residence and also back. An amount of Rs. 140 x 2 was allowed. The audit pointed out that auto charges are allowed only on production of original receipt quoting MOF Dept of expenditure order no. 19030/3/2008/E IV dated 19.11.2008. I thought the audit enquiry was ridiculous. The order was a clarification to suggest the claim for DA in terms of food bill need to be supported by original bills and not auto charges which is not a part of DA. Please clarify.
2. A tour was conducted to Hyderabad, an expensive locality as classified, from 1st to 9th September 2011 and I opted the claim as per 5th CPC. My eligibility or ordinary DA in unclassified city was Rs. 120 and fro Hyderabad Rs.230. I was given free boarding and lodging at Hyderabad while on tour. One DA was calculated the rate of Rs.120 and seven DA at the rate of Rs. 58 (25 % of Rs.230). The audit objected to this and said I was eligible for only 8 DAs at the rate of Rs. 30 (25 % of Rs. 120). Is this correct?

31-05-2013, 04:31 PM
The view point of audit is correct.