View Full Version : applicability of Court judgement on treatment of special pay for pensionary benifit

07-05-2013, 01:22 PM
Certain pensioners of Central government organizations who were applicant got a favourable verdict from the court on the inclusion of special pay of Rs 2000 in pension. The special pay they were drawing before retirement has been taken for the pensionary benifits. But those who were not part of this litigation did not get the benifit. is it fair? This I understand has been done to avoid comtempt of court! Should this decision and benifit not be applied to all the pensioners who have retired with the same Grade and special pay which was given in lieu of the higher grade after peer review? The CAT judgemenyt of 2004 had given a favourable decision and was implemnted during 5th pat comission but the 6th pay comission revison it was excluded although the apecial pay portion was already merged with the basic pension by the CPIO. The present position is that special pay of Rs 2000 (enhance to Rs 400 after 6th CPC) is not being counted for the purpose of pension for scientists other than those who have obtained favourable orders from the courts. IS this justice???