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R K Rao
06-04-2013, 07:53 PM
I and my wife are both employed under Central Govt. and my wife, being in the higher Grade pay, has the CGHS card in her name with my name included as a dependent beneficiary.

I will naturally retire before her.

At the time of retirement, each of us are required to give an option as to whether we want CGHS benefit or Rs. 300/- as medical allowance (This option, I believe, if final once exercised).

Since my card is valid upto her date of retirement (about 3 years after my retirement), how should I go about it?

(a) Give option for CGHS for a pensioner?
(b) Indicate that I am already covered under CGHS till her retirement and then
go for a new card, after her retirement?
(c) Opt for medical allowance and continue to get CGHS (which I feel is not in order)
(d) Indicate the fact that I am covered under CGHS already in my wife's card
(in which case, will I be included in her pensioner's card, after her retirement?).


R K Rao:confused: