View Full Version : MACP GP 6600 to STS in OFB???

24-03-2013, 12:25 PM
STS gr officers of OFB (org grp A) officers who were promoted as JTS before 1.1.2006 are a distressed lot. They are denied 3rd MACP (30 yrs) GP 6600/- on the ground that they were organized grp & would get NFU at par with IAS. But we cannot hope to get any NFU before retirement. But govt vide order dt 4/10/12 says that this MACP will be considered just before retment after evaluation to ensure they have'not got any NFU benfit. This is gross injustice. Our junrs grp B officers have been given this benefit of 6600 GP & drawing more pay than us & without this consideration. Moreover due to this, JTS, STS & "B" gazetted all are drawing same GP 6600/-. What a folly?DOPT has no ans to this anamoly or interestd. Can affected persons join us to file CAT petition to get relief.
Pl mail me if interested. Moreover, one interesting case has come to my notice. organized grp A officers i.e. exec. engrs of CPWD have been granted GP of 7600/- as III MACP(30 yrs) contrary to DOPT OM dt 19.5.2009 which clearly says that such a benefit cannot be given to organized grp A officers. I am trying to get more inform on this for our claim. Pl respond on my email id - gmm1955@yahoo.com.