View Full Version : Doubts on Daily Allowance

08-11-2012, 03:17 PM
An official boards train at 1030 hours in city A and reaches destination city B at 1830 hours. How to decide on the daily allowance (old rates) in this case?

Should it be restricted only to the minimum DA admissible to the official (since the official's stay in city B is less than 6 hours on that day: 1830 to 2359 hrs) or at the rate admissible to city B, since the official has reached city B in the evening?

In case, someone starts at 0700 hours and reaches destination city at 1400 hours, then should DA be calculated at two rates, i.e., 0.7 of minimum admissible (0700 to 1400 hours) and 0.7 of DA rate for destination city (1400 to 2359 hours)?

Please clarify.