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08-10-2012, 08:58 PM
Dear Sir,

1. I am working as a Civilian Telecom Mechanic in EME (Army). I got appointed in Mar 2001 and my annual increment was due in the month of March.

2. As per the new directions, those who were getting increment between Feb and Jun are supposed to get one more increment and fix the pay as on 01 Jan 2006.

3. As per the restructuring of artisan employees my grade pay was fixed at Rs 2800/- and given a promotion on 01 Jan 2006. Quoting this fixation my office refused to give the increment mentioned at Para 2 above.

4. When I checked with my colleagues, who are working in other stations, are already got both the above mentioned allowances.

5. Can anybody clarify issue weather I am eligible or not.