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02-10-2012, 08:45 PM
Respected Senior Members, Friends and Viewers, I humbly request your valuable comments and suggestions with or without OM, orders, provisions, fundamental rules, court orders on regard to my post given below for which I shall be very thankful to you. My email is tmsiam@gmail.com Phone – 09612136658

One direct Inspector under CBEC joined in March 2010 and he got his first increment in July 2011.

Now that, one promoted Inspector from Nov 2009 whose DNI was July 2010 had opted for step-up of his pay at par with his junior mentioned above wef March 2010. He was so granted for the same but with DNI in July 2011. The Order of this grant was based on FR 27 and OM No. A-60015/1/2008/MF-CGA(A)/NGE/PC/920 dated March 24, 2011 of Govt. of India, Ministry of Finance, Dept of Expenditure, Controller General of Accounts (CGA).

Now that, I did not see any point to deprive of increment in July 2010 for the promoted Inspector as laid down in FR 27 and CGA OM.

My points are:-
(1) The Direct Inspector did not get Increment in July 2010 because he completed only 4 months which is not 6 months (Justified).
(2) The Promoted Inspector before opting step-up pay his DNI is July 2010.
(3) The Promoted Inspector before & after (with or without) step-up pay he got Increment in Nov 2009 on Promotion, he did not get any Increment in March 2010 so he has to get Increment in July 2010.
(4) After a gap of 7 months (Dec 2009 to June 2010) the Promoted Inspector deserves Increment in July 2010 since he continuously work as Inspector with more proficiency and experience.
(5) Where exactly lies the justification of NOT giving Increment to the Promoted Inspector in July 2010? Please help…..
(6) I can give you FR 27 and CGA OM Copy if need be. I am waiting.

03-08-2016, 11:21 PM
Thanks to my Hqr Office to had solved my query problem 'the other way round' within a few weeks time from my post date. Problem solved, not because of this post/query.

Now I may say, persons facing a similar problem used to telephone me at odd timing in different day/month/year from different corner of India. That too, not to help me on my posted query, but to make discussion with me Or for asking me to send them Fundamental Rule (FR) 27 and letter OM No. A-60015/1/2008/MF-CGA(A)/NGE/PC/920 dated March 24, 2011. It has become so annoyable to get midnight call, call while riding on road after years passed. And gconnect doesnot put the query as "delete-able". I wonder if those persons don't have the book FRSR Part - 1 & 2 (Part 1 contains FR 27 occupying three, four pages inside the book) at its Office AND why cannot they search one letter important to them as I show the full letter number and date. Lastly, this post did not concern me, it was a bygone problem of same office-mate, now far separated. So, please don't disturb me anymore for this subject again. And please get the CGA letter in this internet link http://www.ccahealth.gov.in/Health/Admin/Attachments/News/Office%20Memorandum/Steppingupofpayofpromoteeseniorwithdirectrecruited juniorappointedonorafter1.1.2006._stepping%20up%20 of%20pay0001.pdf AND please get the FR 27 in this internet link http://persmin.nic.in/DOPT/EmployeesCorner/Acts_Rules/CompilationOfFRSR/Compilation_FR_SR_English.pdf .

04-08-2016, 08:28 AM
Lastly, this post did not concern me, it was a bygone problem of my same office-mate, now we are at far separated offices. So, please don't disturb me anymore for this subject again. This is that bygone which was soon solved by our Hqr Office (click the link) http://forums.gconnect.in/forums/showthread.php?3871-Cumulative-loss-of-pay-due-to-late-issue-of-one-time-increment-grant-wef-1.1.2006&p=17177#post17177