View Full Version : Extraordinary Pension (Disability Pension)

Krishna Bhat
02-09-2012, 08:00 PM
I am working in an Autonomous body under Min. of Defence, Govt of India. 6th CPC is made applicable to us in-Toto. But we are covered under CPF Scheme and not CCS Pension. Presently my basic pay is Rs. 24000 + GP 7600.

I lost an eye during Dec 2010 in an accident attributable to service (30% disability?). Post disability, i am retained in service. My organisation has asked me to submit a claim for compensation. I don't have any idea how this claim to be arrived at and the max amount of compensation what i can claim.

please help me.

Will the "Amendment to Rules of CCS ( Extraordinary Pension) Rules, 1939 - Issue of Notification dated 15th February, 2011, published in the Gazette of India on 22nd February, 2011" is applicable to me?

if so, how to arrive at lump sum amount (in lieu of disability pension) as specified in Rule 9 of the amended act (arriving at the capitalised value of such disability pension with reference to commutation table)? An example will be of great help.

if this rule is not applicable to me, what is the alternative?

any help in this matter is greatly acknowledged.

Krishna Bhat