View Full Version : Counting of Ad-hoc period for the purpose of Seniority & Promotion

28-07-2012, 07:02 PM
Honble CAT,Principal Bench Delhi while delivering judgement in the case of Shri P.K. Udgata vs Union Of India on 1 March, 2012 stated that:

"This is a case where despite availability of vacancies and of the eligible candidates, the DPCs were not held in time, and in fact, were delayed for a long period of four years. The reasons given
by the respondents for not convening the DPCs are not found to be justified when put under
judicial scrutiny."

"Resonantly, the OA is disposed with directions to the respondents to consider the grant of regular
promotions to the remaining 9 applicants also (other than the applicants No.1 and 3 of the OA
No. 1563/2011) from the date of their respective ad hoc promotions or from the date of occurrence
of the regular vacancy by constituting a review DPC, if required"

Ours is also the similar case. How can we take the advantage of this judgement without going to court?