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24-12-2008, 08:31 PM
hi to all
I need help about family pension.

My father expired while in service on 1-09-1999. He served in the education department as TGT (5500-175-9000)
after that family pension @ 3950 fixed (DOB 06-01-1941)
after 7years (i.e) from 07-01-2006 on wards enhanced pension Rs. 2370

now my question is how will be the pension from january 2006 with detail
(1) 40% and 60% with sample calculation

My father served in that department 31 yrs 11 months. if any benefit will be given to him as add pension.

pls clarify me.


25-12-2008, 11:09 AM
Pl. visit www.rrewa.org. On home page just below the login panel you will find blinking text."Revised pension calculator for pre 2006 retirees". Click on it fill your details calculater will open, choose family pension instead of Normal pension, fill in your details, you will get revised family pension along with complete due & drawn statement


26-12-2008, 04:52 PM
Dear Venkeesaiji,

If you had given the pay last drawn/avg. of 10 months pay, it was easy to help you with calculations.

Submit the correct figures, if you still have to difficulty to solve as suggested by Maheswariji.


26-12-2008, 08:41 PM
thanks for your suggestion Dear sudacgwb and SCMaheswariji

Just I have doubt about
1) In old pension rules after seven years the pension amount will be reduce is it active this pay commision also?
2)Actually TGT post (5500-175-9000) is upgraded as (7450) and fixed in 9300 If this rule will applicable to all pre pensioners.
3) if it is acceptable than instead of GP 4200; GP 4600 will applicable?


02-01-2009, 04:31 PM
My dear Venkeesai. I received an e. mail from gconnect forum telling me there is a message from Venkeesai. I thought it may be some virus. Therefore, I did not persue it. When I read this thread here, it came to my mind that perhaps the said message for me was from you. Nevertheless, in reference to your post 1 and 4 above, I would like to say that in my humble opinian, there is no set formula to calculate revised pension / family pension. In your case initial revised pension would be a product of prerevised pension and factor of 2.26. However, final revised pension would depend, in your case, on the complete information about your fathers Department. Was it KVS or NVS or State Govt. Though vi cpc has recommeded upgradation for TGTs and PGTs etc., so far neither KVS nor NVS has given it. They have however, sent proposals to Finance Ministery through their Head Offices. The formula for final revised pension in your case to start with, would be 50 % of minimum pay of pay band plus grade pay. Grade pay in your case would be 4200. However, when proposal of upgradation as recommended by vi cpc is accepted by Finance Ministry,the grade pay would become 4600. Revised pension is payable w e f 01 01 06. Revised Family pension would be depending on Revised Pension. DR is in addition and is a fixed % of pension/family pension. It is 2/6/9/12/16 % starting from 01 01 06 and increasing every 6 months. Be rest assured that grade pay of 4600 would eventually be allowed. Can you do the calculations now ?

03-01-2009, 01:04 AM
Thank kanaujiaml.. sorry for my virus affect thread. I dont know even i am updating virus software(Avast). anyhow thanks for ur clarification. I will calculate as per ur suggesstion.