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21-12-2008, 10:13 AM
By off loading or outsourcing the task to the banks of updating pension to the higher of the two figures worked out under para 4.1 and 4.2 and not doing it themselves the CPAO/RPDO/DPDO etc have landed the families of pensioners in comsiderable trouble. In most cases the data on their data of birth is not available with the banks for the existing family pensioners and therefore many of them will not get additional pension for old age even if they are aware such a dispensation has been granted as a result of the VI Pay Commission implementation. Secondly, even in the case of pensioners whose pensions are being updated by the banks hopefully correctly and at least before the year end , the quantum of family pension will not be mentioned. This will result in suffering to the families of those pensioners who may "sleep in Jesus" or "Attain Sivaloka Prapthy" or "Reach Acharyan Tiruvadi" after 1.9.2008.

21-12-2008, 05:09 PM
Dear Shri Sundaram/ Friends

Elsewhere also we had been debating some of the likely repuscussions including the plight of Family Pensioners consequent to the out-sourcing route taken by the Govt. in regard to "Pension Fixation" which is a rule oriented procedure. While we may reconcile to the disbursement related actions by Banks etc., it will be difficult to appreciate the former one i.e. "Pension Fixation".

Consequently, even SBI is not able to "FIX" the revised pensions of many senior pensioners particularly those who retired in higher scales (pl. omit your/ my preferred anti-HEROEs- who have a MONOLITHIC pension edifice) whose scale details are not found in PPOs in many cases.

Your apprehension regarding the Family Pensioners is absolutely correct.

Many Family Pensioners may not know they are entitled for a refixation or rise.
Many may not know the dates from which they are eligible.
Many may not know the exact amount of Family Pension they are eligible for.
Many may not know the correct arrears to be drawn.
Many may not know that they are eligible for enhanced "AGE-related" pension increases when they cross 80yrs.
Many may not know whether their date of birth is missing or not in the original PPOs.
Many may not know the actions/ procedures to be followed where any such issues crop up.

Even quite a few literate "Family Pensioners" are bewildered.

Many banks are coperative- supplementing the D.O.B proof with whatever photo id one can provide. But the other one- scale of pay - is very difficult for them to follow up and provide. I THINK BANKS HAVE TO COOPERATE BY ARRANGING FOR AFFIDAVITS BY SOME PAYMENT and get it charged to the Govt.

Nearly 36 pensioners/ (FPs we dont have figures) have reached the HEAVENLY abode since August 2008, ie from the time of issue of the OMs on pensions, from the rolls of AIFPA (Pl refer to issues of Pensioners' Advocate-Obituary pages) alone even before realising what is their worth- or rise in terms of revised pensions!

To the extent possible co-pensioners are helping the poor FPs- but majority may miss the benefits!


President, Pensioners' Forum' Chennai

24-12-2008, 07:08 AM
Despite letters to DOPT pensioners grievance cell, FA and CAO/MAS who had signed the PPO of my father who retired in 1977, the family pension of my mother (83 yrs) was fixed wrongly and no correction was made.

However just a call to pension branch of SBMysre whose headquarters is in Mangalore helped me to know it is the banks which is fixing the pension/family pension (revision) based on the info available with them or made over to them.

The PPOs of earlier years dont have the date of birth of wife/dependents. Will some one help me to know how to get the official date of birth of such old people? I know the correct date of birth of my mother but from where to get the official entry. Even in the joint accounts father had, banks have only the date of birth of the 1st account holder!

I want to impress upon the senior pensioners/family pensioners to please note the banks are the AGENCY to fix the revised pension.

They also should know it is not the branches where they are getting their pension/family pension but the main pension section of the bank. I got the email ID and address in google search for SBMysore. Surprise thing was the branch which disburses the pension do not have the info to share anything about pensioners problems


24-12-2008, 08:17 PM
Dear sirs,
Best way to ask for the revised PPO. In Railways different zones have prescribed a Form for this purpose. This form is available on RREWA website www.rrewa.org Unless your department accept the age/date of birth of your spouse &children . Banks may not accept it , so it is advisible to provide relevent information to your department & ask for revised PPO

26-12-2008, 04:38 PM

Thank you for the link provided for the correct procedure to get the corrrect revised pension. I fell it would have been better if a draft copy of the AFFIDAVIT is also made available.

It should be self declaration or something else?